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Couto DeFranco, P.A. - Maplewood, NJ

Bookkeeping and Estate Planning near Maplewood, New Jersey

The business of preparing taxes, setting budgets, estate management, and getting ready for retirement are among many complex and difficult financial tasks everyone has to face. At Couto DeFranco, P.A. we like to make the whole process easier and less daunting for the people of the area we serve and that includes residents of Maplewood Township, New Jersey.

As a local accounting firm which has been providing tax advice and other invaluable financial services in the area for more than 20 years, we are acutely aware how important it is to ensure a stress-free financial future. Most of the clients we deal with at our office in West Orange, New Jersey, are aged from their early 40s to their mid-70s.

Everything you need to make your financial life more straightforward can be done for you here. And our professional team of advisers wants you to capitalize on every financial opportunity that comes your way so we will do our utmost to make sure that our advice is of direct benefit to you.

We approach each client with a commitment to excellence, integrity and innovation, and we believe in building solid client-consultant relationships. At Couto DeFranco, P.A. we put the time and effort into making sure each and every client leaves our office feeling at ease and with a better understanding of their financial situations.

Although we have been an established company in a major center of population for more than two decades, we remain small enough to provide one on one attention to everyone who steps through our door, and it is something we are extremely proud of.

Many of the people we deal with come from Maplewood, only a few miles to the south of us. So if you live there and want your finances to be dealt with by a team of top professionals then call Couto DeFranco, P.A. on (973) 323-2039.


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